My Collection (this week)

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My Collection (this week)

Post  Capt_Dave on Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:16 pm

My collection, in order of acquisition:
1. Mars God of War (1981) by Gottlieb
2. Mystery Castle (1993) by Alvin G.
3. Revenge from Mars (1999) by Bally
4. Flying Aces (unknown) by Sentinel
5. Eight Ball Deluxe (1981) by Bally
6. Time Machine (1988) by Data East
7. Super Straight (1977) by Sonic

Not a pinball (but may be considered related?):
Rock ’N Bowl (1977) by Bromley
48 in One, classic arcade JAMMA board (Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Frogger, etc.)


1. Mars God of War – in a playfield swap (original was very worn) I have a original, but replaced backglass, because I broke mine within minutes of owning.
2. Mystery Castle – super condition, in tear-down (for way too long) for a clean and rubber/bulb replacement
3. Revenge from Mars – great condition, except small crack in translight, needs updating to latest ROM, but works great
4. Flying Aces – a 1/2 to 1/3 size pin, in pieces as cabinet was badly damaged from being outside, either flipper button works both flippers
5. Eight Ball Deluxe – very sad lower playfield shape, currently cleaning, very mouse-ified, coin door wire bundle was chewed almost completely through, have the replacement bundle
6. Time Machine – mostly working, playfield good shape with bubbling under the mylar protection, stuck left slingshot, needs a better backglass, haven't been in the back box yet, but displays seem wobbly.
7. Super Straight – an EM machine, very good playfield, has a continuous reset problem, needs original right sling plastic, hard to see crack in backglass.
8. Rock ’N Bowl – works fine, but don’t want it – except maybe as parts - I’m hoping to use the top third of the cabinet and the integrated back box as a replacement for Flying Aces (what's the odds of that fitting?) – then updating the flippers to operate independently – all in my copious spare time Wink
9. 48 in One – works fine, but in a makeshift setup – want to build a counter-top cabinet for it.



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